Shaving a yak for Excel


As our business grows, our needs to analyse and understand it grow even faster. This means we must get better at generating reports so that more people can use them with less effort. One tool for

Bus Number 1 ¾ — the implementation


Welcome back! In the previous post we found out that there is a way to share a secret between n persons so that k (k < n) can reconstruct the secret but k-1 cannot. In this post we are

Bus Number 1 ¾


Have you ever built a system so secure that you worry about not being able to access it in case something breaks? Or have you ever decided to use a little less security to make

Packaging software with Docker and Effing


Using pre-packaged software is the quickest and most robust way to provision instances. However, building software packages can be tedious as 1) it must be done on a clone of the instances to be provisioned

Building AWS AMIs with Packer-Ansible: tips and tricks


Continuous deploy with immutable infrastructure requires an automatic and robust workflow for building virtual machines. This article lists some tips and tricks on how to use Packer and Ansible with the base AWS Linux AMI.

Building an AWS AMI with encrypted root device


There is not much to dispute about the importance of encrypting data. Elastic Block Store (EBS) encryption offers a solution to encrypt EBS volumes, i.e. machine “disks”. Data residing on encrypted EBS volumes are assured to be

In my .pryrc (part 1 of… 3?)


I develop software all day, every day. Some days, I don’t open my editor, and it’s all drawings on a whiteboard. Other days, I write five little classes that work together to solve a big problem. And sometimes,

Three Useful PostgreSQL Features


Last week I needed to extract some specific numbers from our systems. It was a good chance to learn a thing or two about PostgreSQL’s capabilities, especially in regards to scripting and updating existing extractions.