Work hard, enjoy harder – Release planning & sailing

We work in a highly dynamic environment that force us to reconsider the following step more than often to be sure that we’re developing the cleverest feature at a given moment. The most overwhelming thing is to have to choose which is the best path to follow among all the great opportunities that we have ahead.

That’s why we don’t have a “year plan” but we do our best to keep the balance between planning and producing in a clever way. In that sense, as a Company, once a quarter we meet, we analyse in deep where we are, what we have reached, where we’ve failed, what are the challenges ahead and we try to choose our roadmap for the next three months in the shape of five Company goals. After that, these global goals are moved down to the departments so they can create their own subgoals. In Engineering, it is the base for our, let’s say, “release planning“. This release planning is then converted in a low-tech dashboard (a wall poster) with bullet points for specific tech challenges and features. This dashboard is present in the Engineering wall all the quarter along to remind us the way to go. Obviously things may happen during the quarter and these goals are not carved in stone (but on paper), but they provide a great guide to keep us aligned with the Company.

2015-07-16 - 2015 Q2 Goals Accomplishment


Then, these goals are split into epics and user stories and grouped in two-weeks sprints. I wouldn’t say that we’re doing Scrum right now, but something similar and we get better every time 🙂

Well the other part that we do in this quarter meeting is to enjoy and have great time together so the people of all departments gets mixed in an informal environment to enjoy and know each other better. This time we rented a boat (yes, we have Captain in our team) and we were sailing and swimming in front of Sitges seaside. To finish the day we went to a “chiringuito“, to take some tapas while the DJ was playing some chill out music. It was a great and we managed to be working the next day, fully energized 🙂


sunset Sitges


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